SellerGrip Affiliate Program

Refer Your Friends and Earn Money!

SellerGrip is a cloud-based multi-channel manager built to help the world sell more easily.

It enables sellers to create, list, and expand their inventory farther and easier than ever before.

All affiliates receive 20% commission per month for every paying customer they bring to the site.

Frequently Asked Questions


You will be paid via PayPal.


Your earnings and outstanding balance will be listed on the dashboard page.


There is no limit on the number of people you can refer to SellerGrip.


By following your referral link, the referred customer is assigned a cookie that tells us you referred them when they sign up. The referred customer must sign up using the same browser they followed the link on, where the cookie still exists (ours last for 45 days). Once the customer signs up for their trial, your attribution is locked in and any future payments they make will be credited to you.